Chartered Institute of
Internal Auditors

The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is a professional body dedicated to training, supporting and representing internal auditors in the UK and Ireland. It has over 8,700 members in all sectors of the economy.

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The Project

To re-launch and produce Internal Auditing, the IIA’s monthly membership magazine, and support its advocacy and member services initiatives.

The Issue

The IIA had an established magazine that lacked editorial focus and suffered from lagging advertising revenue. Its advocacy and member services efforts were sporadic and did not meet its longer-term strategic objectives.

The Solution

Working closely with the IIA’s chief executive officer, marketing team, and a newly appointed advertising sales agency, Smith de Wint re-designed and re-launched the magazine. Sales increased by 30% with advertisers saying they appreciated the modern look and feel of the revamped magazine. Reader satisfaction peaked at a new high of 95%. The magazine won the MemCom award for best publication and we held the contract for ten years. We also worked with the IIA to produce surveys, special reports and newsletters that extended the reach and authority of the IIA brand.

30% Advertising 
sales increase

95% Reader satisfaction

MemCom Award 
for best publication

From The Client

“Arthur was the editorial and production director for the Institute's members' magazine for ten years. As well as his eye for a good angle in a story, I valued Arthur's deep insight into our field of work and his willingness to learn. I also appreciated the wide contacts base that he developed amongst a our many stakeholders, enabling him to develop relevant ideas, insight and comment at the right time. To cap it all, he was fun to work with - a great sense of humour and a flexible approach to meeting our needs. Such was my faith in him that he also help me develop and deliver a range of non-magazine writing projects."

Phil Gray, Marketing, Communications and Member Services Director at the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors

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